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Thursday, May 18, 2006

How is a Hard Work Executed?

There is a report in The Tribune dated May 19, 2006 about the topper in commerce stream in Board Examination (probably in ICSE, the reporter has not specified that in which board the candidate has topped.) titled "Being Regular in Studies is her Success Mantra" by Geetanjali Gayatri.

I have hi-lighted some lines and reproduce them below.

"It was all about being attentive in class, making notes, slogging hard without being a book worm and just keeping your eyes and ears open.

"I concentrated on being thorough with my books and went over my lessons again and again. Then, of course, for quick recall, I made my own memory maps which helped me revise an entire lesson in a single glance,"

. "I don't advocate tuitions at all. Besides being regular, devoting time for self-study is very essential. …"

I am more attracted to the phrase that “for quick recall, I made my own memory maps which helped me revise and entire lesson in a single glance.”

These are highly portent lines. They are the keywords telling the material things of a hard work. They have really surprised me. It is really amazing if these lines are spoken by student of +2 level. If these lines are written by Geetanjali, after listening to the topper, even then, they are very important guidelines for all the students to understand, digest and practice.

I myself, have tried to question that what actually does it mean when we say that one should do hard work in studies. I have been shifting from one explanation to other but have never reached a perfect answer.

In the above mentioned lines, the topper has remarked that for quick recall, she made her own memory maps which helped her revise an entire lesson in a single glance. This part of the quoted lines is telling about a functional and in-practice activity which is required to achieve the success. I have learned it at a very latter stage of my academic career.

What actually is this memory map? It is not an easy thing to explain. Every brain and person have his own model and explanation to give. But before that, you have to undergo an exercise to reach that memory map level. In my case, the exercise involves “Reading Writing Reading Writing Remembering Reading Writing and finally writing and writing again writing till you reach a stage wherein you can create a diagram on the contents of the piece which you are reading”. The above mentioned exercise requires time and consistency. It is really a grueling regime but the final result is in form of a mental product which only you can recreate or convert into some type of a pen diagram or tag or small snippet type notes. Those notes or pen diagrams are such that they act as a summary to a whole chapter or even a whole book. The total space which such diagrams or snippets take is hardly a small percentage of the total space on pages that a book contains. All this activity takes lot of efforts and exertion which defines the Hard Work. These mental diagrams actually act as a symbol to the whole content of a book or concept on which you can elaborate to any extend. If you are asked to write it in twenty words on a concept, you can then produce amazing combination of such words which give the gist with in the word limits. If on the other hand, you are asked to explain in detail, then also, you come out with a satisfying answer.

There are some more important points which should also be taken care of. You can only develop a good mental map if you read text books. If you read refreshers like MBD, or Evergreen, or JPH or something like that, then only way is to memorize that. You can not make a mental map. The mental map you can make in case of refreshers is only of a question which such books have tried to answer. If question is there, you can answer. If the wording of the question is changed then you may not be able to articulate at all.

The next thing, which the topper is mentioned is that she studied the whole year and did not suffer from last stage anxiety. That is another good feature about which she has talked. The anxiety is such a thing that it kills your interest in studies. I may like to say that it kills the possibility of the success.

In order to develop this ability of making mental maps, one has to devote time and undergo an exercise regularly. It requires years of practice. However, it is not that you have to do it for a decade. The feel of this idea of mental map can be acquired with in month or two but in order to develop an effective product in form of mental map, you have to practice it for a long time.

In my case, I have been shifting from one type of model of mental map to other. I starting with putting some tags on each paragraph on the book itself. On reading a paragraph, I used to write some phrases or title to each paragraph giving the gist of the content of the paragraph. Then I developed the habbit of underlining it. However, it was not useful, because gradually learned that I am slow to comprehend the contents of a paragraph and I underlined a wrong line. There is some other line, which is more useful. Secondly, the underlining practice destroyed the shape of the book and made the book untidy. I also adopted the practice of hi-lighting but it also makes your book messy. The next habbit which I developed was of writing the gist in my own words. It worked well but gradually what I learned that it took too much of time and somewhere I used to just copy the book verbatim. However, with passing of years, I matured and now I write effective summaries of what I have read. Simultaneously, I have developed the ability to close my eyes, and recollect that under which title what actually is written in the book. It helps me to recollect and write about a given topic in an effective manner. In between, I have developed other different models. I keep on shifting between such models and all of them can be called mental maps.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Confusion About Career Options: A Major Problem of the Youth

Assignment Executed by: Aparna Khanna, Class IX, St. Joseph's Convent School Jalandhar.

Supervision and Gudiance: Sumir Sharma

I had been thinking all through the vacations on the issue about one major problem which youth faces.

I took the help of my father. He was also not certain. He took the help of Internet and gave me the list.

The list is really quite long. Some of the problems which are being discussed on the Internet were apathy, non-compliance, depression, withdrawal, bad attitude, truancy, dropping out, poor motivation, verbal abuse, impulsiveness, unemployment and many more problems. There were some other problems like drugs, gambling etc which I think is not that prevalent in my society or which sounded really out of my world. May be, in India or the society and social class to which I belong, these problems are not there or may be they are there but I do not have any idea about them. He gave me points to elaborate upon and write an essay and then discuss with him. The offer was good but it left me more confused.

Then, suddenly, I start realizing that my main problem is confusion. Yes, for me, one of the most deafening problems is confusion.

It is not confusion about one thing or the other. It is confusion about the very existence of being in this new world about which being a young person, one is unable to understand what actually one want to say and do.

After giving a deep thought on the issue of confusion which one faces in his or her youth I have narrowed down to a list which may be listed as follows.

a. The Career Options
b. The issue of values or to put simply what is right or wrong concerning good behaviour.
c. The issue of keeping friendship with a circle in which such talks take place which are shunned by parents in their advice.
d. The physiological problems which are showing with the age.
e. The issue of dress up
f. Absence of a person in whom we can repose faith and discuss our inner apprehension. My mother is there but even then there is inhibition about discussing few things.

The list can be made long but I am really perturbed by above issues. It is not with me only. I have found that my other friends also feel like that. However, I would like to take up the first issue which is “The Career Options”. I think that it is one of the major problems of the youth. Hence, for me, it is one major problem of the youth. But for me the major problem is Confusion about Career Options.

When I listen to my peers or to talks which generally take place at home concerning the job taken by son or a daughter of our family friends, they are generally about some one becoming engineer or doctor. I understand that in order to become doctor, I am suppose to take medical stream at plus two level. If I would like to become engineer then I would go for non-medical stream. But there is a confusion. It is that what it is meant to be a doctor or an engineer. I do not know what I have to do after choosing of the stream at plus two level. I have doctor around. I am impressed by the respect which they receive. I admire them. But I do not know what I have to do in order to become a doctor. I do not have any idea that what it is being a doctor. Similarly, I have learnt that some of my uncles are engineers. But I really do not know that what actually they do. The family people feel proud in telling that such and such acquaintance is an engineer. What type of career it is? I do not know.

The second option about which I learn is commerce stream. The elders tell that some one has done commerce and he is now on a good post. I understand that commerce is to do something about business. I really desire to be a rich lady. But what type of career is it? What I have to do for being commerce graduate and what career options will be open for me after going in that stream? I am not clear about them.

Sometime, my father talks that if I will study hard, then he would like me to join civil services. He says that it is a privilege to be an IAS or IPS or IRS officer. I have seen police people. When they move around, they really seems sensational beings. I have fear for them. But sometime I dream that if I could also become a police officer. How can I become a police officer? What is this IPS officer? I do not know. I have also learnt that Deputy Commissioner of Jalandhar is always an IAS officer. All the elder people talk with great awe for this officer. Would it not be a nice thing if I become a Deputy Commissioner of Jalandhar. But what have I to do for that? I really do not know. Well father is there. He will guide me. But I myself is not clear that whether I really want to be an IAS officer. Similar confusion is there about being an IRS officer which I have learnt that it has to do about taxes. Now this tax affairs are such which I have heard and seen people talking and fearing the most. I have seen rich people, salaried people, shopkeepers every one, talking about it. But I have no idea what it is all about.

I am highly infatuated by my teachers. I admire them. I respect them. My father is also professor and an author. Can I be a teacher? Should I become a teacher? I do not know.

My uncle is an editor. He is also eagerly sought after by many people. He is quite resource full. I have found all the important people, including my grandfather, uncles and other elders reading papers and discussing over the contents of the papers. If I become an editor of a newspaper, then I would be also like my uncle. I will be sought by many people for my attention. But I am not sure.

One field also attracts my attention these days. Whenever I watch television, I find that there are some reporters who visit places and report on different happenings from different parts of the world. It sounds very sensational to me. They travel through whole of the world and then report back. Should I become a reporter of a television media? What have I to do for that? I do not know and I am not sure if I really want to do that. Similarly, I am also infatuated by the film world. It is really envious to observe the type of adulation and attention which the people of film world receive. But I am not sure if ever I would like to join that.

Army people also infatuate me. I have learnt that now women can also join army. They can join air force. But I do not know how to join armed forces. What have I to do for that? Secondly, I do not know what type of career would it be for me?

Another field is also arresting my attention. It is the world of computers and the technical people concerned with it. I have computer at home. My father spends most of the time punching keys on the keyboard. Whenever he is free from computer, we all take hold of the machine and watch some education CDs or play computer games. I just desire that I should also learn more about computers. But what is the course which should adopted to achieve this dream? I do not know.

My mother is the sweetest human being on the earth. My world can not be imagined without her. But she is a housewife. What I am able to understand, that our society also consider this type of life for girls. But I have many contentions against it. I do not know what will be in store for me in life if such a confusion continue to prevail like this.

I wish to thank my teacher who has given such a topic to us for the vacations. I had been thinking about it all through the vacation about the contents about it. Now in the end I just plead to my teacher, my school and parents to help us to come out of this confusion.

Before, writing off, I must make them clear about their set of arguments. Whenever this issue, that is choosing of career option comes, they give a fixed answer. They say that each young person to judge his aptitude for deciding the career. They say that we should judge our liking. But I have to counter all my elders. Today I like one thing but the next day I am attracted to other thing. I am young. I want to do something. But what is that something? I do not know. I here plead before them, if it is we who are expected to decide our future then what is the need of the guidance of elders? If we are so mature enough to decide such issues, then why you put restrain on us? I question my elders, including my parents and teachers, Just tell me how much you know about career options which I have pointed out above? How far you consider yourself enough confident to guide on this course? Can you explain the whole course for each career option which I have mentioned above? If yes, then give us awareness in concrete terms about them? If no, then get us the guidance for the above discussed issue?

However, the main issue is confusion. It is here I just bow before you and plead, kindly help us out of it. I may sound emotional, but this is what the real problem is. The confusion makes us more emotional.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Project Work: Tsunami

Page 1: This should be the title page.

It can have a following format.

Project Work: Tsunami

Submitted to: (Add Name of your teacher here)

Put the name of your School
and a photograph of Tsunami effected area or some suitable picture from Clip Art.

At the end of the page write as follows:

Complied by (Write Your name here and your class.

Page 2:

A tsunami (pronounced soo-nah-mee or tsoo-nah-mee) is natural phenomenon consisting of a series of waves generated when water in a lake or the sea is rapidly displaced on a massive scale.
Earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruption and large meteorite impacts all have the potential to generate a tsunami. The effects of a tsunami can range from unnoticeable to devastating.

Word Tsunami is derived from Japanese word which means wave. In Japanese, tsu means island and nami means waves.

Some important facts about Tsunami:

Often a tsunami is incorrectly referred to as a tidal wave. The magnitude of the disturbance causing the tsunami is the primary factor influencing the size and strength of the waves. Depending on the depth of the water in which the tsunami is traveling, it may attain speeds of up to 500 miles an hour. The image most people have of a tsunami is a large, steep wave breaking on the shore. This image is hardly, if ever, the case. Another rare event that may result from a tsunami is a standing wave or seiche. The maximum horizontal distance that is reached by a tsunami is referred to as inundation. Whether a tsunami is generated in the North or South Pacific, it has the potential to effect all shores of the Hawaiian Islands. When a tsunami is generated offshore the wave will behave as a shallow water wave.

Tsunami of December 26, 2004:
The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, was an undersea earth quake which caused the Tsunami on December 26, 2004.
That day the earthquake occurred at the scale of 9.15. It took place in Indian Ocean near Simeulue island, near Sumatra in Indonesia. It hit South India, Srilanka, Maldives, Thailand and even coasts of Africa.

As per recent estimate nearly 3 lakh people died. Nearly 13000 people died in India. Indian tried to face this calamity out of its own resources and did not seek help of foreign agencies.

Page 3

Some Questions for Indians and Their Answers
How did Tsunami occur in India recently?
The Tsunami of December 26, 2004 or the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, was an undersea earth quake which caused the Tsunami on December 26, 2004. The most effect coasts in India were of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

That day the earthquake occurred at the scale of 9.15. It took place in Indian Ocean near Simeulue island, near Sumatra in Indonesia. It hit South India, Srilanka, Maldives, Thailand and even coasts of Africa.

What precautions should be taken after Tsunami?

First of all there should be early warning system which should warn the people on coastal lines. The coastal habitation is more liable to bear the brunt of Tsunami. The government of India has now placed an order for early warning system which is called DART. The government should also join the countries of Pacific rim who have already placed such warning system and collect data for such occurrences.

The fishermen should not go for fishing as there is possibility that Tsunami can reoccur after the earth quake.

The people should not converge on the effect sites because it could hamper the rescue work.

The people who are desirous to help they should coordinate their efforts with the government organisations and NGOs which can provide more help to the people.

The people should not disturb the ecology of their region and try to preserve it.

The paramilitary forces should be trained for such calamities. They could be then used for other natural calamities like floods from which India continue to suffer.

People should be given understanding of learning from satellite datas about the impending dangers. The communication links like mobile phones, short band radios and wireless system should be kept in ready condition and maintained during the crises.

The Indian government has already thought of sensitizing the people at school level. It was found that only one education board on High level schooling that ICSE had information on Tsunami. Most of Christian Missionaries schools are affiliated to this board. Most of the schools are affiliated to CBSE.

Q. What one should do during the Tsunami?

Ans: Some suggestions are as follows:
  • The effected people should be immediately evacuated.

  • The effect people should be given medical assistance.

  • The people especially the children who have suffered the brunt of the Tsunami should be taken to rehabilitation centers. They should also be given moral support and psychiatrists help and counseling.

  • The government should depute paramilitary forces to help, as they are more disciplined forces.

  • Immediate steps should be taken to check the spread of epidemic.

  • One group, especially the fishermen, who live on coasts, should be provided assistance to survive the period of calamity. They should then also given monetary help afterwards to restart their work again. They need new boats and nets which get destroyed in such a calamity.

  • Page 4:

    From here Start a Photo Album.

    You can down load pictures from or various newspapers web site which are listed at

    Saturday, February 26, 2005

    Attention Class X and XII Students of History

    1885 to 1947 material in a NEW FORM for chapters on Indian Freedom Struggle, Social Reform Movements, Armed Movement, Gandhiji.

    Find on the following link here a material on the period 1885 to 1947 on Indian Independence history.

    There is a huge bank of different type of questions (multiple choice question, reasoning questions, fill in the blanks, two lines questions).

    Friday, February 25, 2005

    The Indian Mutiny

    These are examination days. You are occupied.

    If you get a chance then visit the site of The Indian Mutiny. (It is a better Idea than mere chatting if you just desire. Excuse me for being pedagogic). It can be helpful.

    It is a latest site meant for the students by their teacher. Though the material is less but even then it can be useful for its photographs, small questionnaire and events during 1857 from May 10 onwards. Take into account the regiments which are being mentioned. Also give attention to different British officers who suppressed the movement.